Poster Session

The poster session is an open presentation and no excluding oral presentation possible. Location of the poster session is the LAZ (track and field area).

Please bring posters with you to the Congress. All poster presenters receive a poster number at the registration to know where to place the poster. You can set up the posters following your registration but latest 30 minutes before the start of the poster session (Monday 5:30pm).

Removal and collection of posters at the end of the display period (until poster award) remains the responsibility of the author(s).

Poster Award Presentation

There is an award for the best poster, rated by a jury, of the following categories:

P1 Poster

Register as an event to your Google CalendarMonday, July 25, 201618:30-20:00 
1Ivan Anastasovski, Lenche A.Velichkovska, Vujica Zivkovic, Aleksandar Spirkovski
Influence of some social characteristics of people with intellectual disabilities for practicing the sport and physical activity in the Republic of Macedonia
2Kim, T., Frank, C. & Schack, T.
Mental Representation and Cognitive Intervention: A Systematic Comparison on the Effects of Action Observation and Motor Imagery on the Development of Mental Representation Structure and Skill Performance
3Velentzas, K.
“Dyed in the Wool” Competition and the Adaptation of Performance Routines in Self Paced Tasks
4Koopmann, T., Krause, D., Steggemann-Weinrich, Y. & Baumeister, J.
Mental rotation of tactical instructions in basketball increases processing demand and execution inaccuracy
5Ludwig Vogel
Technique feedback in basketball - individual diagnostic based on cognitive representation
6Zwierko, T., Popowczak, M., Woźniak, J. & Rokita, A.
Gaze control in basketball jump shots and free throws
8Mohammadreza Ghasemian Moghadam, Seyed Mohammad Zadkhosh
The effect of competitive anxiety and complexity of task on the processing efficiency and performance effectiveness of table tennis players
9Praça, G., Morales, J., Silva, M.V. & Greco, P.
Soccer small-sided games manipulated by representation: the additional player effect
10Ibrahim Hassan
Covered distance and activity profile of African professional soccer players according to the playing position: Reports from soccer world cup 2014
11Scremin, I., Euzebio, M.V. & Costa, F.R.
Sports education in Brazil: Movimento publications and references to TGfU
12Euzebio, M.V., Scremin, I. & Costa, F.R.
Sports education in Brazil: Motriz publications and references to TGfU
13McGinley, S., Kanavos, G.
14Kolb, M.
Rule changes in competitive ball games to increase game participation of players with low playing skills
15Prof.Dr.Mazin Abdul Hadi Ahmed , M.Ali Mohammed Jawad Ahmed
The Impact of the Educational Complex with Manner a Mini Educational Groups in Attack Serving Skill Learning in Volleyball for Students
16Price, A
Mentoring grassroots youth participation coaches towards a ‘good digital game design features’ coaching approach: an ethnographic account
17Fleddermann, M.-T., Heppe, H., Eils, E., & Zentgraf, K.
Individual training control and intervention in young elite volleyball athletes
18Christian Zepp 1, Paul Schaffran 2, Michael Kellmann 2,3 , Clifford J. Mallett 3 & Jens Kleinert 1
Behavioural regulation in Coaches: A German version of the Coach Motivation Questionnaire (CMQ-G)
19Gambles, E.
Teaching Games for Understanding- A Teacher\'s Perspective
20DR mazin hadi kazr and DR Ammar Hamza Hadi
Evaluation of exercise \"field\" tests (6 min walk; shuttle test; step test) is assessing exercise capacity in COPD and Heart Failure populations. A systemic Review
21Linstromberg, G.-L., Hennig, L., Heinen, T., Schack, T. & Frank, C.
Joint action imagery: The influence of mental practice on the functional structuring of tactical skill representations in skilled futsal players
22Anokwuru, J. I
(Re) framing the Physical Education Instruction for Students with Cognitive Disabilities using the Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) Model in Canadian High Schools
23Wegner, M., Weber, J., Chittibabu, B.
24Coknaz H., Kamiloglu O., Sezer S.,
Das Ziel dieser Studie ist es zu untersuchen, ob und wie die in den Leiberziehungsstunden ausgetragenen Sportspiele auf das sportliche faire Verhalten der Gymnasiastinnen und Gymnasiasten auswirken.
25Parvinpour, SH. & Balali, M.
Effects of Dyad Training on Children\'s Learning of Front Crawl Swimming
26Weber, J., Wegner, M., Chittibabu, B.
Technical performance demands on the different playing positions in team handball
27Patrick Schneider, Niklas Klasen, Elena Algorri, Klara Brixius, Tim Laue
Entscheidungshandeln im Jugendfußball - Entwicklung eines individualtaktischen, computergestützten Testverfahrens
28Zimlich, M., Rüger, L., Wörrlein, S. & Hoos, O.
Physiological demands of elite Ultimate Frisbee
29Hoffmann, D. & Brixius, K.
Das Rückschlagspiel Badminton im Sportunterricht an Grundschulen in NRW
30Prof.Dr. Basman abdul Jabbar
Realistic study discover some posture deformities according to some biomechanical variables for schoolchildren Age (9-11 years)
31van Maanen-Coppens, L., Weber, J., Wegner, M.
Core-demands on the goalkeeper-position in female team handball
32Naimikia, Malihe & Gholami, Amin
Relationship between sport participation motivation and Teaching Game for understanding among novice handball players
33Jäger, J. M., Büsch, D. & Müller, H.
Decomposing performance factors in jump throws reveals subgroups of handball players with specific training recommendations.
34Meier, S.
“Higher, faster, stronger?” An Empirical Study on the pedagogical content knowledge of German PE-teachers
35Weber, J., Wegner, M., Fatulescu, S.
Position-specific conditional demands in female team handball
36Hai Zeng, An-Qing Liu, Ying Zhang, Hong Tao & Qian-Qian Dong
China TGFU academic development process of information science theory - in 1994--2015 years in a range of journals and dissertations
37DR mazin hadi kazr and DR MAHMOUD Al-RUBAEI
The relationship between investing the time of main part in lessons of team sports (basketball, volleyball, and handball) and direct and indirect teaching
38DR Ali yousuf aalagha - DR Ayad Ali hussein
the effact of specific Exercises in developing some physiological indications and flow performing of high smashing hit in volleyeball
39Eagles, A., Sayers, M. & Lovell, D.
Kinematic trends observed at the hip during dynamic jump movements; proficient vs. non proficient jumpers
40TENG Tse Sheng
An in-depth analysis of the Games Concept Approach (GCA) - The Singapore Experience
41Aburachid,L.M.C, Silva, S.R, Morimoto, L.M.S & Greco, P.J.
HYBRID TEACHING MODEL (TGA + BS) IN BADMINTON: Tactical and technical performance under different practice distributions.
42Gholami, Amin & Naimikia, Malihe
Effect of TGfU approach on motor development and social maturity of elementary students
43Morales-Belando, M.T., & Arias-Estero, J.L.
A Pilot Application of TGfU in Sailing: Effects on Game Performance, Knowledge and Adherence
44Brochhagen, J., Baumgart, C., Bauer, J., Freiwald, J. & Hoppe, M.W.
Endurance capacities are correlated with the technical-tactical playing performance in elite junior team-handball players
45Balali, M. & Parvinpour, SH
The role of affordances in developing children manipulative movement skills: an application of challenge point framework
46Hoffmann, D. & Offermann, C.
Impacts of an experimental scoring system in Badminton on selected aspects in men´s singles
47Spielmann, J., Borgmann, S., Lanwehr, R., Fiedler, H., & Mayer, J.
Eine explorative Untersuchung der Handlungszeit und Passgenauigkeit im Altersverlauf bei Nachwuchsspielern
48Jaekoo Lee1, Byungyoung Kang, 1, Chungho Park, 2
Effects of the lifestyle modification Program on blood BDNF and its associated factors in Korean collegiate students
49Skrzeba, C., Hoffmann, D., Hasse, H., Brixius, K.
Entwicklung eines differenzierten Fehlerkataloges zur Spielbeobachtung bei Badmintonspielern in der Weltklasse
50Wegner, M., Weber, J., Popa, V.

July 20, 2016

RQES conference supplement

We are pleased to inform you that conference abstracts are now published in a supplement issue of Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport ( Conference attendees can download a pdf of the content here. German abstracts not published in the RQES supplement can be found here

July 19, 2016

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As an additional feature you have the possibility to use the conference app (conference4me) on your smartphone or tablet. You can download it in the App Store or GooglePlay Store to get the Agenda with sessions and presentations available offline, updates or news.

July 04, 2016

Routledge 20% discount

Routledge are pleased to offer an exclusive 20% discount on a selected range of key sports titles to delegates attending this month's 6th International TGfU Conference.

June 03, 2016

Program online

We are pleased to inform you that the detailed conference program is now online. If you have trouble finding your contribution, please log into your account and go to “My Abstract” in the “My conference” pull-down menu. By clicking onto the respective abstract you will see when your presentation is scheduled and in which session.

April 26, 2016

Payment via credit-card available

Credit card payment is also available. Please click under "my tickets" on the button "pay your unpaid tickets" using your credit card. By clicking the button a new browser window will pop up redirecting you to our payment service provider.

April 15, 2016

Early Bird Deadline - extended

We would like to inform you that "early bird" deadline has been exended until 6th of May. Payment via credit card should be available in the next days.

March 30, 2016

Review process started

We are pleased to inform you that the submissions have been reviewed by two independent experts. You can find the reviewers' comments in "my conference" --> "my abstracts/ my workshops" --> "show review results".

February 17, 2016

Deadline for abstract submissions extended

Due to many requests, the deadline for abstract submissions has been extended. Please submit your abstracts until 29th of February, 2016 at the latest.

February 03, 2016

Further information for abstract/workshop submissions

To submit abstracts or workshops please use the "my conference" button to add your single abstract (oral or practical presentation or poster) or your workshop (with the possibility to invite additional speakers). For single abstracts you will be asked to enter a title, author(s) and a plain text of maximum 300 words. You can not upload formatted documents. To submit a thematic workshop/symposia you have two options: As a symposia/workshop organizer you can create a symposia/workshop by entering title and a describtion of the whole symposia/workshop. Than you can invite the individual contributors to submit their abstracts for their own or you collect all individual abstracts and submit them together.

January 18, 2016

New manuscript: RQES on the top 10 research questions on TGFU

We are happy to announce a newly published manuscript in RQES on the top 10 research questions on TGFU which is intended to give some guidance to contributors in shaping an exciting and interesting conference in Cologne 2016. The content of the manuscript was based on the overarching conference themes that were established by the organizing team of the Institute of Team/Racket Sport Research in close collaboration with the scientific board of the conference. We are grateful to all the contributors and want to thank them for their valuable contribution.  

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